General View of Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition

International Exhibition of Shahr-e-Aftab would be welcomed all the visitors from all around the world. This complex is an urban landmark which contains global trade center, hotels, public park and central square. Historical background of Islamic and Iranian architecture has an essential role on construction of the complex. Traditional forms are expressed by means of modern art. This harmony will be made a successful future. The Visible façade and also attractive perspective of the complex which are appeared from long distance of area will be cause to attract all the visitors.

Local situation

The international Exhibition of Shahr-e-Aftabare located in a cross- regional plan. The are is 275 hectare. This site has a entrance way from Tehran-Qom highway; moreover, it has another entrance way from first road of Shahr-e Aftab.

Exhibition Hall

Exhibition halls are constructed on north of site. At first part, The triple halls (Seqolo) are built and are used as a section. In General, the exhibition consists of 15 halls (one triple hall, four twin halls and four separated halls). In future the second part of plan will be done and other halls will be added to the first plan. All these halls are the main pavilions of exhibition.

Second Step:

1- Southeastern Twin Hall
2- Southwestern Twin Hall
3- Next Southwester Building
4- Next Southeastern Building
5- Powerhouse
6- Customs Building and its Stock Room
7- Emergency Building
8- Office Building (finished)
9- East and West Underpasses (finished)

In summary:

This section consists of Exhibition Halls, International Halls and Out-door Exhibition. Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition(Exhibiran) is categorized to two parts of southern and northern. 120,000 square meters of roofed space and 30,000 square meters out-door space with 180,000 square meters of multi-story parking.

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